This page documents the various style guidelines regarding proper writing technique for all wiki articles. These are standards designed to aid editors in the production of articles with clear, consistent, and precise language and formatting.

General Edit

Please use accurate and consistent spelling, grammar and punctuation wherever possible. Avoid using caps and unnecessary formatting. All articles that deal with an out-of-universe subject should be italicized whenever mentioned. Please do not create previously deleted articles until there is enough information to substantiate them.

Articles Edit

Naming Edit

The titles of articles should be based off of the in-game dialogue, copying the in-game references to the subject, including capitalization. This does not apply for terms that are vaguer and are used in context. In such cases, in-game official names should be used instead. For articles with no official in-game names or pronouns

Several articles having the same title should have the article with the original title as a disambiguation. This does not apply to two articles with the same title. In this case, the article with more plot influence should take up the original title as is. Please see Help:Disambiguation for more information.

Formatting Edit

The first appearance of the name of the article must be written in bold. For emphasis, use italics as opposed to bold or underlined text and capitals. Italics should also be used for words of foreign languages and direct literal translations of them. Use level two headings for main sections and lower level headings for any subsequent subsections. Infoboxes, if relevant, should be placed first before any subject content in the article. Article management templates should also be prioritized over content. If these templates are used for a specific section, then they should be placed just below the section title.

Avoid using lists in main story sections. This does not extend to the name and notes sections, where each new item needs to be placed in a list for consistency. Avoid unnecessary formatting that makes no visual difference to the text rendered without the formatting. Examples include empty span and p tags.

Grammar Edit

Use of accurate and consistent spelling, grammar and punctuation in all articles is imperative. Use of American English is encouraged. Please do not use regular dashes (-) in articles. Instead use an en dash (–) surrounded by a single whitespace character, or an em dash (—) which is placed directly between two words. Parentheses should be reserved exclusively for japanese characters in the introductory paragraphs. Any details mentioned within parentheses should be rewritten. Please do not use contractions within articles.

Refrain from using the second person pronouns in articles. All articles aim at providing information from an encyclopedic point of view, and thus, should refrain from referring to the reader directly. In such cases, use the "player" term or rewrite the sentence using passive voice, effectively omitting the need to refer to the reader.

You can achieve an alternate ending in Time Hollow.
The player can achieve an alternate ending in Time Hollow.
An alternate ending can be achieved in Time Hollow.

In this instance, the first should be rewritten to reflect the second or third. In most similar cases, passive voice should be used over the "player" term.

Categories Edit

All articles and files must be categorized. Categorizing is extremely important. It helps in storing similar articles in a common place, from where they can be easily accessed for further reading. If an article is not categorized, it becomes hard to locate and improve it, especially if it is one a less prominent subject.

Ideally, all articles, files and categories should be a member of the Browse category, whether directly or under another subcategory.

Images Edit

Naming Edit

Images should be named in such a way that they are easily searchable. It is generally preferred that images be named according according to what is being depicted in them. For instance, The dining room is preferred over Time Hollow flashback 01.png or anything similar to that effect. Image names must have be appropriate. Jacob small.png and Library inside.jpg are appropriate names; tumblr12345.png and konami987.jpg are not. Naming files in languages other than English is also strongly discouraged.

Usage Edit

Images are used as a visual supplement to content. They should not be used excessively. All images that are uploaded to the wiki must have some relevancy to Time Hollow and should appear on at least one mainspace article. Please do not upload images that you will not be using on articles. Such images will be subject to deletion and may be deleted with or without prior warning. This does not extend to images that are used in specific areas of the site, which may or may not be related to Time Hollow. These images can be found under the Site images category.

Extensions Edit

The most common file extensions are .jpg and .png. However, images of .jpg format have a lossy compression and suffer a loss in quality each time info is saved. Thus, .png format is preferred for images that are prominently visible and otherwise if possible.

Categorizing Edit

All images must be categorized. Ideally, all images should be a member of the Images category, whether directly or under another subcategory.

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