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Ethan Kairos small
Ethan Kairos
Timothy Kairos small
Timothy Kairos
Pamela Kairos small
Pamela Kairos
Derek Kairos small
Derek Kairos
Irving Onegin small
Irving Onegin
Ethan Kairos small
Mary Onegin
Jack Twombly small
Jack Twombly
Vin Threet small
Vin Threet
Ashley Threet small
Ashley Threet
Ben Fourier small
Ben Fourier
Morris Fivet small
Morris Fivet
Eva Sixon small
Eva Sixon
Aaron Sevens small
Aaron Sevens
Olivia Eights small
Olivia Eights
Emily Niner small
Emily Niner
Sara Tenneson small
Sara Tenneson
Jacob Eleven small
Jacob Eleven
Kori Twelves small
Kori Twelves

Sox small
Sox small
Sox small
Sox small
Derek & Kori's daughter


  • All of the characters' surnames, save for the Kairos family's, utilize the hours of a clock (one, two, three etc). This is also true for the Japanese version of the game, where the Japanese pronunciation of the numbers one through twelve are used.

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