Sox, known as Forō (フォ郎) in the Japanese version, is the family cat of the Kairos in Time Hollow. He is introduced very early in the game and continues to appear and help the main character, Ethan, throughout the story.

Ethan describes Sox as being his uncle's former pet, however, it is later revealed that Sox has been with the Kairos family for much longer. Unlike most house pets, Sox is prone to wander around town rather than staying at home. Sox can be found in many locations within the town, however, his prominent appearances are during the game's introduction and endings.

Description Edit

  • He's been our cat for ages, but used to belong to Uncle Derek.
  • He's been our cat for ages. When did we get him, exactly?

Story Edit

In the game's introduction, Ethan finds the Hollow Pen attached to Sox's red collar. Along with the pen he is also given a letter from his father. After rescuing Ethan's parents in the past, his father, Timothy, can be prompted to talk about Sox. Evidently, Sox has been passed down as the family pet for generations. Timothy reveals that this because Sox was pulled through a hole from the past and is thus out of the flow of time.

In the game's epilogue, Ethan sends the Hollow Pen to his past self by attaching it to Sox's collar and sending him through a time hole, repeating the pen's introduction at the start.

Alternate endings Edit

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After completing the game at least once, the player is given a choice to follow Sox outside of the house in the very beginning, before speaking with Ethan's parents. It is shown that the figure that Sox was hissing at was none other than Irving Onegin, who had come to erase Ethan's parents from the past. After answering a few questions correctly, the player can follow this new, much shorter plot to complete the game.

An additional change to the regular ending occurs when Ethan leaves his house immediately before sending the pen back in time (choosing "no" when prompted to dig in Ethan's room). Ethan chooses to explore town, however, everyone he speaks with reports seeing Sox nearby. After speaking to everyone about Sox and returning to Ethan's room, A mysterious voice given the name "????" speaks to Ethan. The voice most likely belongs to Sox, as he speaks after Ethan addresses Sox though no real explanation is ever given.

Chrons Edit

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Sox also helps Ethan by providing Chrons, mysterious balls of light that have the ability to replenish Ethan's "time", thereby allowing him to keep using the Hollow Pen. Beginning in Chapter 2, Sox can be found randomly in any location whenever the player's "time" is not full. When Sox is found, he is shown offering the Chron to Ethan, who immediately feels lighter from its effect. Soon after, though, Sox runs off before Ethan can catch up to him.

It is unknown how or why Sox has the ability to find Chrons.

Name Edit

  • Sox's Japanese name has the same phonetic pronunciation as the word follow in Japanese.
  • Sox's Japanese name, フォ郎, can also be pronounced horō, just like Ethan's Japanese name and the phonetic pronunciation of the word "hollow."

Trivia Edit

  • It is speculated that there may be more than one Sox moving about in town during the events of the story, one who was sent back in time and one who wasn't. This is most apparent immediately before sending the Hollow Pen through the hole in Ethan's room, when all the townsfolk report seeing Sox in many places at around the same time.

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