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Pamela "Pam" Kairos, known as Aki Tokio (時尾 秋) in the Japanese version, is the mother of main protagonist, Ethan Kairos and the wife of Timothy Kairos. She shows a very calm attitude, to the point where it becomes almost unnerving; when Derek Kairos visits her house one night and argues with Timothy, she is shown simply to be sat at the table, drinking her tea. 

In the opening, when the Kairos house explodes under mysterious circumstances, she seen laying in her husband's arms apparently injured from the accident.

Description Edit

  • My mom. Cheerful and full of energy. Her cooking tends to be on the bland side.
  • My mom. Cheerful and no-nonsense, no matter what.

Name Edit

  • Pamela's Japanese given name, Aki (秋), translates into "autumn."
  • Her english given name, Pamela, means "all sweetness". 

Trivia Edit

  • Pamela is known for her bland, unseasoned food, a topic that isn't brought up in the Kairos household until Ethan shouts at her about it on the night before his seventeenth birthday. However, this could be because near the end of the game, when she made very strong coffee for Ethan to drink and he complained about the strong flavor, she decided to make all her cooking tasteless.
  • A recurring topic is that Pamela looks notably younger than her husband which Ethan noted because of her use of heavy makeup. However, it is later revealed that the real reason is Timothy's continuous use of the Hollow Pen, which aged him drastically.